Something very, very exciting has happened.  And I want to share it with you.

My love (adoration) for Elle Ferguson’s style ( has a) inspired me to dress better, every day, b) sent me broke and c) introduced me to the world of Babyanything, her baby sister Lucie’s Australian hand-made jewellery line.   It’s a funny old world when you feel like you already know someone from behind a computer screen, but that’s how I feel with Lucie.  We’ve exchanged emails, given each other lingerie and jewellery and some beautiful, hand-written notes that I will treasure forever – words that tell you immediately that she’s a beautiful soul and that the paths you are on cross in many places.  We are both young business women and at the core of what we do, we want women to feel and look pretty in our products.  I admire that every piece she creates has a story.   When I wear my Fever rings I think of her and her generosity, and I think of my sister, because it’s plain to see that, as mine is, her love for her sister is second to none.

So when the opportunity came up for some of our lingerie to be featured in her latest look book, Muse, we jumped.  Here’s a sneak peek of Babyanything with our Fleur of England and Gooseberry pieces.

And just quietly, if you haven’t already seen (stalked) Elle’s Instagram, it’s time.  Get ready for some serious hair and legs-for-days envy, though.

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Muse (definition) :

A spirit or source who inspires an artist.

The Babyanything girl is a paradox. She can be the sweet blonde swaying at a Fleetwood Mac concert or the brunette going steady with the baddest boy in town.






Model:  Hanalei Reponty

Flower Crown:  Mivioleta

Hair and Makeup:  Ashlea Penfold

Photography:  Mikey Andersson

Styling:  Elle Ferguson