Triangle bras (bralettes) are gorgeous.  We love them.  Usually a delicate lace or mesh, triangular shaped, thin-strapped piece of lingerie goodness, bralettes look ultra-feminine and super-cute under clothes.  Let’s face it though, unfortunately they don’t suit everyone.  And here’s why.

The support and shape you get from a bralette will come from a few things…

How firm the band under the bust is –  if this band sits nice and firmly, it will create a definition under your bust and give you lift.

How much stretch is in the straps – you want to be able to tighten your straps enough so it pulls the cup flat onto your chest.  If the cup is holding in firmly, it will give your bust a better shape.

How much stretch is in the lace/mesh of the cup – you want the lace to have slight stretch to it so it moulds nicely to shape your bust, if there is too much stretch it will give no lift or roundness.

Take a peek below and use your usual bra size to determine what bralette size (XS – L) should work for you.  Keep in mind that Calvin Klein bralettes are slightly more generous in the back size.