Girls, wearing a beautifully fitting bra is like a little piece of magic. And it’s not only about how comfortable you’ll feel, it’s also about how fabulous your bust will look! There are a number of factors that go into making a bra fit well. Apply each of them and you’ll be on your way to the perfect bust shape.

How to choose the right bra size

You need two simple measurements so grab yourself a soft tape measure and play seamstress for a minute!

1.   Overbust – standing up tall with posture like a world-class ballet dancer, measure around the fullest part of your bust. TIP: If the measurement falls on the half, round the number up.

2.   Underbust (back size) – measure all the way around your body just under your bust, pulling the tape in firmly. TIP: If you land on a half cm or inch, always round the number down.

Use your underbust and overbust (cup size) measurements to calculate your bra size…

Or take a peek here if you need to convert the band size of your bra size to an International size …

Now you know your bra size, here are some more:

1.    Fasten your bra on the loosest or the middle hooks. All bras stretch with wear and you want to be able to tighten it as that happens to maintain the support. It’s a common thought that the straps give the uplift but having the bra holding firmly under the bust does the majority of the work. (For all the women out there where the back of their bra is so stretchy that it’s sitting somewhere up near your shoulder blades, this tip is for you!)

2.    Adjust your straps. They should feel firm but not digging into your shoulders (A general rule is you shouldn’t be able to lift the straps more than about 2.5cm off your shoulder). The straps allow you to tailor your bra to suit your bust, so if you find your bra cups sitting out off your chest, tighten your straps and it will pull the cups closer in.

3.    If you find your bra cup is cutting into your bust and creating a line, loosen your straps slightly to release the cups. Don’t forget to adjust your straps every now and again as they’ll move around with washing and wearing.

4.    The centre front of your bra (the front spacer) should sit nice and flat against your chest. If it’s sitting off your chest this indicates your bra is too small and it might be worth trying a larger cup size. When the front spacer sits flat against your chest it means your underwire sits under your entire breast and provides the shape, uplift and separation it’s designed to.

5.    Your cup size needs to be adequate enough so the underwire doesn’t dig into your breast tissue on the side. A good way to gauge this is to simply look at it, and also to see if it feels comfortable – if it’s pinching into your skin, try a bigger cup size.

Choosing the right lingerie for your body shape

There are too many rules floating around that suggest which lingerie you should and shouldn’t wear determined by your body shape. Our favourites (!!!) are that pear shaped women should avoid boyleg briefs because they draw attention horizontally, or that curvy women should draw attention away from their voluptuousness by wearing a babydoll.

We agree that certain lingerie can be more flattering on certain body types but SCREW IT!  Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and sexy. Being comfortable and having confidence is the key to feeling and looking amazing.

Cliché – yes, but true – YES.

Accentuate your best features, know what colours work well against your skin and wear it with confidence.  Case closed.