If you can’t get enough of luminous, bronzed, fresh faces, read our gorgeous beauty guru Sarah gives us some simple tips for clear, glowing skin.

Did you know that your body is pre-programmed from birth to naturally keep your skin clean? The body produces a powerful protective film that encapsulates the skin to prevent threat penetration that can cause infection. This delicate film has natural antiseptic properties that exist in harmony with the skin.Although oil excretion is genetically predisposed, it is still at risk of disruption by hormones, medication and certain lifestyle choices. pH disruption refers to skin that is stripped of its protective barrier triggering high acidic levels that cause inflammation and infection. The body responds to this hypersensitivity with an auto immune response that initiates self-destruction where the body attacks its own tissue. Thankfully sufficient cleansing can not only remove impurities, but also help to rebalance oil flow. Not only will secretion be controlled, but also the quality of oil that is being secreted will be of balanced nature.

Convince me cleanser

Cleanser is used to lift debris and eliminate impurities from the skin. There are various formulas available each with specific ingredients that promise to rebalance oil flow. Cleanser seeks comfort within the pore where it is programmed to purify and influence excretion. The correct cleanser will efficiently remove impurities without disrupting the pH balance of the skin.While cleanser may remove the majority of your makeup, due to its synthetic origin total elimination will prove difficult. Insufficient makeup removal will affect the entire purification regime and potentially cause congestion and associated infection. As makeup is designed to withstand destruction it requires a specialized solvent. It is highly recommended to use a makeup remover prior to cleansing to effectively dissolve persistent, cosmetic build-up and prepare the skin for cleansing. When your skin is clean, it improves the efficacy of all products that follow and helps to neutralize free radical activity.


Make up remover is specifically formulated to combat physical contents, while cleanser is designed to reach deep within the pore and purify. While cleanser is chosen against skin type, makeup remover is relatively universal and recommended based on cosmetic resistance, (I.e. waterproof). Basically, cleanser has the power to rebalance and control oil flow, whereas makeup remover simply dissolves synthetic material without influencing excretion.Natural oils are quite sticky attracting dirt and bacteria hence that act of cleansing to remove them. Cleansers are available in various combinations of oil and water to keep skin clean and protected no matter the type. Natural oils are either dissolved with additional oil or eliminated with emulsifying surfactants.Creamy more emollient textures rely on the attraction of like characteristics, I.e. oil lifting oil, to clean. Some cleansers however, include surfactants ( ‘SURFace ACTive Agent’ aka: emulsifiers, foaming agents, detergents or soaps) that have degreasing abilities to loosen and encapsulate dirt.

Customised cleansing  

First and foremost you must ensure the cleanser is appropriate for the skin type; dry, oily or combination. Cleanser should be decided based on oil flow to ensure the skin is not stripped unnecessarily in an unrealistic attempt to achieve ‘sqeaky-clean’ skin. Stripping skin of naturals oils will only cause imbalance and leaving skin susceptible to environmental assault. If pH level becomes imbalanced, allergy resistance is diminished and the skin becomes sensitised. Impaired barrier functioning affects all skin type leaving oily skin open to infection and dry skin unprotected and irritated.  The correct cleanser should efficiently remove impurities without disrupting the pH balance of the skin. With the hydro-lipid film intact, any additional benefits related to specific concerns are simply a bonus!