Perception is a powerful thing, what we see as our flaws, as our beauty and how we see that in others.  We tend to struggle talking about our own beauty in a positive light and as Aussies we can often be self-deprecating as our go-to response to compliments.

Would you struggle explaining your own beauty to someone?  I know I would.  I do.

I turned 30 recently and had family and friends post photos of our celebrations all over social media, I untagged myself out of most of them after quickly picking myself apart, looking only at what I saw as flaws.  That is until I saw the comments – beautiful, thoughtful, complimentary comments – they weren’t just about how I looked on the night or the outfit I wore, it was how I was laughing with my family, or the happy tears in my eyes when my man surprised me with a trip to New York, or the big kiss I planted on my Pa’s cheek when he made his speech (even if I had what looks like 3 chins).

Sometimes we don’t see that kind of beauty in ourselves, it doesn’t stare back at us in the mirror.  We forget to think about how the sparks and uniqueness of our personalities amplify our beauty and the reality is that most of us can’t see our own beauty like the people around us can.

This video will change the way that you think and feel about your own beauty….

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