The most beautifully feminine lingerie we’ve ever laid eyes on has to be the the Fleur of England Belle de Nuit and Blush ranges.  Bespoke Guipure embroidered lace (hand-stitched might we add!) on sheer Italian tulle, accented by silk and fastened at the back with a crystal clasp – this is luxury.

Let’s talk the genius combination of Italian tulle and Guipure lace – the tulle is soft, light and beautifully sheer and is the perfect background for the lace.  Because of the sheerness and delicateness, it makes it look like the lace is somehow floating on your skin. Di-vine.

It’s lingerie you wish you could keep forever and Fleur of England have designed it in the most classic colours; black (Belle de Nuit) and the latest addition, soft pink (Blush) – colours that perfectly compliment the simplicity and timelessness of the style.

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fleur of england blush bralette by cam mackie