Do you want your bust to be uplifted, supported and separated?  Do you want a natural (yet perky) shape? Do you want the girls to look at good as they can?  YES, we all do!  So why are we wearing the wrong bra size?

It’s actually quite a simple thing to get your bra to fit correctly so off you go, get your bra, stand in front of the mirror and start checking for these fit essentials:

How firm is your bra around your back?

All bras stretch with wear and you want to be able to tighten it as that happens to maintain the support. It’s a common thought that the straps give the uplift but having the bra holding firmly under the bust does the majority of the work. (For all the women out there where the back of their bra is so stretchy that it’s sitting somewhere up near your shoulder blades, this tip is for you!).

Is the band of your bra riding up your back?  If so, the band size is too big.  If you can, tighten it.  If it’s already fastened on the tightest setting, it’s time for a new, firmer bra!

Alternatively, if the band of your bra is cutting into your sides then it’s probably too small.  If your bra still digs into your back at its loosest fitting, it’d be worth considering going up a band size – not only will it fit better and look better, it will be much more comfortable!

So much of the support a bra gives comes from how firm the back is.  Think of it this way – it’s like a see-saw – if your bra is up at the back, your bust will be down at the front.  If the band of your bra sits nice and level from the back to the front, your bust will sit in the right place!

Are your straps adjusted straps correctly?

Bra straps are predominantly there to allow you to tailor your bra to suit your bust.  They should feel firm – a good general rule is you shouldn’t be able to lift the straps more than about 2.5cm off your shoulder.  When your straps are too tight, they’ll dig into your shoulders.  When they’re too loose, they’ll constantly fall off your shoulders (irritating!) and they won’t hold your bra cups in place.

If you find your bra cup is sitting out off your chest, tighten your straps and it will pull the cups closer in for a nice smooth fit.  If your bra cup is cutting into your bust (commonly called four-boob or spillage!), loosen your straps to release the cups.  The easiest way to test this if you’re not sure is to put a fitted t-shirt on – you’ll soon see whether it’s too small or not!

Don’t forget to adjust your straps every now and again as they’ll move around with washing and wearing.

Correct Bra Fitting

How does the front spacer fit?

The centre front of your bra (the front spacer) should sit nice and flat against your chest.  This means your underwire sits under your entire breast and will provide the shape, uplift and separation it’s designed to (and great cleavage!).  If it’s sitting off your chest this indicates your bra is too small and it might be worth trying a larger cup size.

Is your underwire the right size?

Your cup size needs to be adequate enough so the underwire doesn’t dig into your breast tissue on the side.  A good way to gauge this is to simply look at it, and also to see if it feels comfortable.  If it’s pinching into your skin or the underwire is digging into your breast tissue, try a bigger cup size.  If it’s too big, your underwire will poke into your armpit and basically be uncomfortable!

Put simply, your underwire needs to encircle your entire breast.