Choosing the right size lingerie for your girl is up there with one of the most important things to get right. Choose a size that’s bigger than her usual size and you run the risk of offending her.  Choose a size that’s too small and she won’t wear it.  Looking like a trussed Christmas turkey tied up in cooking string is not desirable. Trust me, I’ve been there. No need to worry though. We’ll help you get it right and here’s how – Sherlock Holmes cap optional.

Take a sneak peek in her top drawer and look at the sizes of the bras and bottoms she’s been wearing lately.   Us girls only wear the ones that fit and are most comfortable.  The tags should give you all the information you need.

There are two things you’re looking for on the tags to determine her bra size  – the back size (eg. Size 10) and the cup size (eg. B).    A bra size will be something like 10B.   Quite often European sizes are also on bras so the back size could also be a number like 32, 34, 36.  To give you an idea, an Australian size 10 is a European 32, a 12 is a 34, a 14 is a 36 and so on (see our size conversion chart if you’re still a little confused).

Most briefs come in a lettered range (XS-XL), or a numbered range (8-16).  The size you’re looking for will be for example Size M or Size 12.  Again, sussing out the size of a pair of knickers that are on high rotation in her wardrobe at the time is key.

This will put you on track to choose the perfect size.  Just one more thing. Just like in clothing, styles in lingerie can sometimes be a smaller or more generous make.  We will always specify this clearly in our descriptions of the lingerie so you can alter your purchase accordingly.  Keep in mind, if you need help, we’re here.  Flick us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you asap with some recommendations.

Happy shopping!

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