Lingerie is best hand-washed (we know, who has time for that!)

It will keep the colours stronger for longer, keep delicate fabrics and laces in better condition, prevents lingerie from stretching out of shape and keeps the adornments in tact (think of the detailed pretty puffs of tulle on your Chantal Thomass lingerie).

Chantal Thomass Demasque Moi Bra   Chantal Thomass Demasque Moi Underwire Bra and Thong Set BP - front MChantal Thomass Demasque Moi Underwire Bra and Thong Set BP - back M

Our Tips…

Hand-washing (in an ideal world with time to spare..!)

Read the care tags to see if there are any special instructions or fabrics you need to take into consideration.

Wash in a gentle washing powder that lathers easily, you don’t want to have to rub and scrub fragile fabrics excessively.

Separate colours for each wash, and always wash white on it’s own – white lingerie that has turned a soft shade of pink after being washed with your favourite red bra is never a good look.

Rinse well and lay each piece flat to dry.  Hanging lingerie to dry will stretch it over time and may also leave peg marks in delicate fabrics.


Let’s face it, throwing your seamless cotton everyday briefs in the machine is no biggie, so save yourself some time and go for it. But if you’re going to wash your exquisite French lingerie in the machine make sure to do the following:

Fasten the hooks of your bras to avoid them twisting up or snagging on delicate lace or mesh.

Place lingerie in a lingerie wash bag. It will protect your bras and they will stay in better condition for a lot longer.  We use Bed, Bath and Beyond Intimate Wash Bags, 2 for $6.99.

Set on a gentle cycle.

Use a mild washing powder and avoid bleach.

Wash lingerie separately to other clothing to avoid it getting tangled.

Always wash colours separately.

Put simply, there are a lot of elements that make up luxury lingerie so take as much special care of them as you can. And never, ever, ever, ever put them in the dryer.  It will shrink fabric, fade colours and ruin fabric.