It was 7am on a Sunday Winter’s morning when we had our mini dream team shoot our latest look book.  Jade Randall (model), Cam Mackie (photography), Rob Cook (videography) and TDL teamed up and had a super fun day full of laughs and lingerie – what more could you want?!

Here’s a quick get-to-know you with Rob (and a behind the scenes look at from our shoot), who in our opinion is a quick-witted, fun, talented young videographer with a job that most men would envy!

You’ve worked with some spectacularly gorgeous women.  What is it that makes a woman beautiful?

rc:  Physically I’m a sucker for a pretty face, most of my videos show this with lots of close ups as that is the most unique thing about the girl, as no one in the world has that face. Personality wise, if she is a bit of a goof that is always well sexy, sense of humour is key! Sophie Monk has all of this.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you on a shoot? 

rc:  Every shoot is amazing!  Getting to meet Whitney Port was awesome as I grew up watching her on MTV.  Meeting real life Victoria’s Secret Model Shanina Shaik not once but twice has been one of my fav moments.  I’ve met some pretty famous people, the best thing is when they prove you wrong about your previous perception of them – Kyle Sandilands is one of those guys who I didn’t think much of until I met him, he was nothing but super nice.

And the worst?

rc:  I was shooting Future Music Festival, it was the last leg of the tour in Adelaide and until then I hand’t needed my laptop to back up my footage.  That’s when I ran out of memory on my cards and had to delete footage.  Not only that, when I came home I forgot to back my memory cards up and lost a good 32gigs worth of amazing footage.  That’s the worst thing that can happen on shoots, losing footage… 

Minus all your glamourous shoots and celebrity encounters, what makes you tick?

rc:  I’m a social dude, I run a nightclub on the weekends and thats my other passion, helping ppl have a fun night out, I love my alone time also but yeah seeing friends partying and having fun is what really make me happy when not shooting.

Your favourite places to shoot in Australia?

rc: I’d love do something in the Kimberleys or Kakadu National Park.  The colours of Australia are like an amazing painting.  As for places I’ve shot at,  I’m still surprised after living in the Sutherland Shire for 30 years that I can still stumble across or be shown a great new shoot location.  We have everything – sandstone cliffs, rainforest, national park, beaches and much more  within a short drive of one other. 

And TDL would love to know:

Nachos or salad?  Nachos

Coffee or tea?  Neither, alcohol

Glamping or 5 star?  5 star if someone’s paying!

Sea or mountains?  Sea

Sunrise or sunset?  Sunrise

You like your girl in:

Black, white or coloured lingerie?  Black

G-string or briefs?  Briefs

Negligee, PJs or one of your shirts?  One of mine of course!

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photo 4