Is it just me or are we all trying to keep up with the Facebook and Instagram-lives of people we admire?  Those who are constantly at the gym (in fabulous matching outfits), travelling, eating gourmet food, wearing glamourous outfits with perfectly styled hair and makeup.

Truth be told, I’m quite lucky this week – I’m on holidays in the snow with family.  But behind the scenes I’m makeup free, hair in a top-knot, wearing a cosy Bonds jumper and uggies.   That’s snow life, right?  There’s something in me though that’s looking forward to being back in a Tash Sefton inspired look in Chloe boots, great jeans and a white tee (or stripes if I feel like branching out…).   But this is my problem.  I only have a few looks.  I have my fail-safe jeans, tee and blazer combo that I feel so pared back and comfortable in that it never comes off.

Cue Leigh Campbell ( and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, and the girl whose eyebrows must be photoshopped on, how else could they stay the perfect?!) and her 30 Day Shopping Detox.  In her words –

THE RULES: For 30 days, you’re not allowed to buy one thing (not even gym socks), and you can’t wear the same outfit twice (though staples, such as shoes and bags, can be worn up to four times each).

The challenge is designed to force you to dig deep into the depths of your closet to discover lost treasures; essentially, shopping your own wardrobe for a month. The process also helps you identify real gaps in your wardrobe, helps you realise you don’t need another grey marl tank (but I dooooo!), and aids in identifying the ‘never going to wear that’ pieces.Just Imagine actually knowing what is stuffed into the top shelf of your wardrobe. 

For me it’s about this, but also as an exercise to force myself to vary my style.  Rather than directly comparing ourselves to our designer-clad Instagram style icons, use them as style inspiration to tweak your look – a happy blend of your favourite fashion pieces and a simple Bonds tee can look just as great.  So go, mix it up for a month and save some serious cash in the process.

Here’s Leigh on Day 27 with a hint of  Top Drawer poking out of her denim shirt (Calvin Klein Longline Lace Bra $89.95 from

Leigh Campbell The Daily Coverage



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